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Toonect Virtual attendant

If there is no operator to put you through and you want a call to get to the right called person then there is Toonect virtual operator for you to help. An Incoming call is automatically received and voice mail is played to the calling person along with welcome and tone options (DTMF) 0-9. Pressing the key, the call is forwarded to the right person.

Product description

This service is the right solution for the companies with up to 10 accounts (phone numbers). Advanced features like IVR (Interactive Voice Response) in the position of virtual attendant. The aim of the service is to route the received call on one number to just one chosen Toonect account, Toonect service or external phone number.
Your company can have the only phone number communicating with your business partners and they can always have their calls answered by the most competent employee.

It is possible to combine the services. Thanks to this the calling person can hear the following: "... for technical support press two ..." and after being put through, the call is forwarded to group calling to the technicians who are available.

  • professional image
  • value for those who call you - fast and direct call transfering
  • costs a fraction of the costs compared to the costs on PBX


Activation in web application Toonect Manager


Toonect Virtual Attendant can be activated in web application Toonect Manager. Voice message with welcome and tone options can be provided by you and you can change it anytime you want. Recording the voice message with a professional speaker can be also provided by us to your demands.


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