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Toonect Mini call center

This service provides automatic voice welcome service with option forward call to any of Toonect account. Play different welcome message depending on the time of the day.

Product description

Never miss another customer phone call!

Business services as you know it from large corporations. adopted to the needs of small businesses. With this service you can have a simple call center up and running wherever there is Internet connection available. Call center agent can be anyone, working from home or other region or country as it suits you the best.

Call routing

  1. your welcome message is played
  2. the call is routing to queue and while waiting for agent to take over the call a queue message with information you one to provide to your customer is being played. This a great place to promote your offers or share the news
  3. while the message is played the first free agent is being rang
  4. after the agent takes over the call agent is ready to talk and help the calling party
  5. outside of working hours a separate voice message is played and afterwards the service hangs up, or it is redirected to any Toonect account or service.
  6. you can define working hours conveniently


Pro functionality and more

  • Do not miss any opportunity. If you cant take over the call and it is missed, this srevice will send you a email notification with number that called
  • detailed information about not only outgoing calls but incoming as well, with call status information (answered, not answered, busy) is included for all Toonect accounts. Find out about lost calls with all the details
  • Your call agents can be connected to Internet anywhere. If required PSTN connection can be used for call agent as well.


Activation in Web app. Toonect Manager

Toonect Mini call cener can be activated anytime using Toonect Manager. The same way you can configure all the parameters. Upload voice messages welcoming the calling party, or keeping them informed while waiting for being transfered. You can upload a message with information you would like to deliver when someone calls outside the working times. You can make changes anytime you need. We provide option of recording such messages for you spoken by profesional speaker.



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