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Toonect Group calling

Do you need a parallel line when calling one phone number you can call more phones? Group calling can manage even more. Make a group of accounts. Decide if while calling the group all accounts are supposed to ring at the same time or one by one. At one phone number you can answer several calls at the same time and you dont miss any client' s phone call.

Product description

The service enables you to receive the calls at one phone number and sent them to a group of more Toonect accounts. You can set the ringing of the accounts at the same time or one by one.

Thanks to VoIP you are not limited in the number of phone calls received at the same time at one phone number. Incoming call to a number chosen by you will be forwarded to the group of accounts. They all can ring at the same time or one by one. The ringing stops when someone from the group receives the call or the caller hangs up. At the same time there can be as many phone calls as many accounts you have in the group.

One phone number for the whole company. The service is very advantageous for small and domestic businesses which need to receive calls at only one phone number for more employees. For the lowest price you can increase your availability as many times as many employees you have in the group.

Activation in web application Toonect Manager


Toonect Group calling can be activated in web application Toonect Manager simply and quickly. Its settings can be changed to your needs anytime you want.


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